What is Data Conversion?

Data conversion is the term used for converting data from one operating system or file structure to another. Other terms that describe data conversion are data manipulation, format conversion and data exchange.

Simple data conversion

Simple data conversion is the transferring of files between different operating systems or backup routines without converting the data.

Examples of Simple Data Conversion Jobs

  • Transferring data between different PC backups – for example – Sytos Plus to NT Backup
  • Transferring data from Unix backup onto Windows compatible CD. Unix systems use a line feed and no carriage return. In this case the line feed would be changed to a carriage return.

Complicated data conversion

Complicated data conversion jobs involve converting the file structure and in most cases writing the converted data to a different media and/or operating systems.

Examples of Complicated Data Conversion Jobs

  • Conversion of AS400 database in fixed length EBCDIC to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file for a PC.
  • Conversion of Locoscript files into RTF/Word files on a CD.
  • Convert datasets and libraries from ICL and AS400 systems to ASA files for COM and COLD companies.
  • Convert files from old typesetting systems for use in more modern DTP packages
  • Convert EBCDIC database with binary and packed fields to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file for a PC.

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