The Data Conversion Specialists

Whether you want to migrate data from a mainframe computer or convert a couple of Amstrad disks…
….ConvertData can help you.

Our data conversion services are available to everyone. We offer a fast, efficient turnaround at a fair and competitive price.

What we do

  • access data from thousands of floppy disk formats.
  • duplicate data onto the same or different output
  • convert data for use in different systems and software
  • data recovery
  • CD-R / DVD mastering, copying and archiving

We can solve virtually any conversion requirement. We have access to developers who can resolve complex data conversion problems or write routines for new formats.

Turn your old media into usable archived safe data!

Convert Data can access and convert data from over 2000 formats on almost any floppy disk and convert or copy the files for use on current modern platforms. A popular example would be Amstrad 3″ LocoScript disks, converted to MS-Word, output to CD-ROM for the PC.

Our full range of services include:

  • Support for all legacy & current floppy disk drives, including 8″, 5 1/4″ (96 & 48 tpi), 3″(Amstrad\Amsoft) & 3 1/2″ (high and low density), and hard and soft sectored disks
  • Support for Iomega Zip and Jazz disks
  • Read and write over 2,000 disk formats
  • Operating Systems – MS-DOS, CP/M, TRS-DOS, IBM, DEC, Unix, Macintosh and many more
  • Computers – from Apple, Brother, Canon, via PC to Wang, Xerox, Zilog and more
  • Personal Word Processors, typesetting systems, Minis, Micros, Mainframes and more
  • System/Software Language support – Amipro, Cora, Displaywriter, Olitext, Locoscript, Wordstar, Wordwise and many more
  • Data converted to TXT, RTF, MS-Word, PDF and more

Conversion pricing start at only £50.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a detailed quotation.

Contact Information

We are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding data conversion.

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