5.25 inch disks

The second generation of floppy disk – smaller, but with similar capacities as the 8 inch disk. Still in use on some specialist machines.

Used for:

Early IBM PC and AT Compatible machines

Code Driven Typesetting Systems
Examples: Alphatext; Compugraphic; ITEK; Linotype CRTronic.

Mini Computers and Small Mainframes
Examples: Unix CPIO; DEC; IBM; ICL.

Standalone and Word Processors
Examples: Amstrad; Acorn; AES; Apple; BBC; Cipher; Facit; Hewlett Packard; Honeywell Bull; LSI; NCR; NEC; Olivetti; Olympia; Philips; Research Machines; Sharp; Sirius; Televideo; TRS-DOS; Wang; Wordplex; Xerox.

Various types of disk – single sided, double sided, single and double density, high density, hard and soft sectored. Various operating systems.

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